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Today marks National Sleep Awareness Week in the US as well as in Canada. It runs March 27-April 2, 2006, ending just as daylight savings time begins this year. Nobody likes losing an hour of sleep when the clocks turn back, but for chronic pain patients, it can be especially difficult. Last week I discussed […]

I’ve only had this blog up and running for a couple of weeks now, but there are times when I already get frustrated trying to think up something to write about on a given day. I’ll go take a look at the day’s health news hoping some sort of inspiration will strike, but this past […]

Medtronic’s RestorePRIME Neurostimulation System was approved yesterday March 24 by the FDA for the treatment of chronic pain. More specifically, it is indicated in patients with intractable pain of the trunk or limbs, and works by blocking pain by sending electrical pulses to the spine. “The RestorePRIME System is a significant advancement in the field […]

Merck will be collaborating with Neuromed to develop new treatments for chronic pain. The deal includes Neuromed’s leading compound NMED-160, currently mid-way through testing. These do sound quite hopeful, as Christopher Gallun, the CEO of Neuromed told the New York Times in an interview “We think these have the potential to become very powerful agents […]

comorbid condition: a disease or disorder that is not directly caused by another disorder but occurs at the same time. I not only deal with chronic migraines, but I also have Bipolar Type II disorder. There are days it doesn’t really affect me all that much, and then there are the days when it really […]