Forthcoming Migraine Treatments


In the latest issue of the National Headache Foundation’s Newsletter, Headlines, the future in migraine treatments are discussed. Some of these have made headlines recently, but this piece is packed full of news. Included are the steps a drug goes through before it can be sold to give us an idea of just why it takes so long. One of these drugs is so early in its development that it hasn’t even been assigned a name. Some are in final stages before approval, and others are everywhere inbetween.


You’ll find an emphasis on faster-acting medications. New delivery systems for these drugs are also being developed alongside the drugs themselves. Pharmaceutical companies are collaborating to bring drugs and new delivery systems together for more powerful pain relief.

Alexza Molecular Delivery Corporation is developing a device called Stacatto. Essentially, medication is vaporized, it is then inhaled and delivered immediately into the bloodstream. This device is being used with PCZ (Prochlorpromazine). PCZ is used often in the ER for the treatment of acute migraine and nausea and vomiting. Clinical trials have gone well so far.

Brittania Pharmaceuticals ia collaborating with Novartis Pharmaceuticals and developing a DHE (dihydroxyergotamine) nasal powder. They hope that a nasal powder will be easier to take than the current methods (subcutaneously, or by nasal spray) and that the body will absorb it much faster.

You’ll also find a lot of old drugs being studied for new uses, combinations of existing drugs and there are also brand new medicines being developed as well. Check out the entire story in the online excerpt of the January/February edition of the NHF’s newsletter Headlines


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