Pain Awareness Week


Hello all

I’ve been away for some time now! I was out of town for many months (long story) and since I’ve been back home I’ve been very busy–I’m getting ready to move, which will be happening next week. I’ll still be in the Vancouver area but I’ve now got a dog (:D) and had to find a new apartment as my current place does not allow pets. That’s a very brief explanation of some of the reasons I’ve been away. Thanks to those who have continued to check in.

For my first post since being back I had hoped to put together something leisurly well thought out, but necessity overrules that desire. I had even hoped to put something together at the beginning of this week–I had put a reminder in my Calendar months ago about this date and the day came, along with a stiff migraine, and the day went, with no post, and so on. Here we are and it’s Friday night. Well, better late than never I thought.

It’s Pain Awareness Week in Canada this week, from November 6-12. The Canadian Pain Society has updated their site this week with a few new publications worth reading regarding Wait times for access to pain treatment in Canada. Their task force study is recommending a maximum 6 month wait time for access to pain treatment. I would agree that this is reasonable as long as the patient has adequate interim care. Otherwise, 6 months can seem like an eternity.

Also new this week is a publication from the American Pain Foundation that is worth looking at: Treatment Options: A Guide For People Living With Pain. You need to register at that link to receive the .pdf file but it’s worth it and they don’t sell your information or anything like that. APF has a great email list/newsletter actually–if you sign up they will email their newsletter to you every week or so.

Again I apologize for the lateness on Canadian Pain Awareness Week, but if you weren’t aware of it before, you are now. Fill someone else in!


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