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Hello all I’ve been away for some time now! I was out of town for many months (long story) and since I’ve been back home I’ve been very busy–I’m getting ready to move, which will be happening next week. I’ll still be in the Vancouver area but I’ve now got a dog (:D) and had […]

I had my first appointment with a pain specialist yesterday even though I've been on opioid treatment for almost a year now. Up until now my neurologist has been treating me, but he wanted me to see this specialist in hopes of maximizing my pain control. The appointment didn't go quite as I had imagined […]

Merck will be collaborating with Neuromed to develop new treatments for chronic pain. The deal includes Neuromed’s leading compound NMED-160, currently mid-way through testing. These do sound quite hopeful, as Christopher Gallun, the CEO of Neuromed told the New York Times in an interview “We think these have the potential to become very powerful agents […]